Učenie 29.05.2019

Awareness is not going to take you anywhere.

It is the be all and the end all.

- Sri Bhagavan

Uvědomění (plná pozornost) tě nikam nezavede. Je to bytí všeho (být vším) a ukončení všeho.

Awareness is the first step & the last step too. There is nothing beyond the constant state of awareness. When we start confronting ourselves, we start becoming conscious of our inner world. Then we make peace with our past. Once we get there, you are in the present, experiencing every moment. The moment starts & ends & there is no more story behind it. U move on to the next moment. Being in the state of awareness, U are witnessing all the time. You are no more associating with your past, not processing in your brain how to react etc. you are spontaneous & respond with freedom every moment. You are free; free of the mind, past & so on. You are dead to the past. You live in Awareness. This we call Enlightenment. That is, 24/7 Awareness!!!