Učenie 01.06.2019

Dokud nevíš, kdo jsi, nemůžeš sám sebe přijmout.

Unless you know who you are,

you cannot accept yourself.

- Sri Bhagavan

We are most of the time disconnected from our inner reality. We outwardly live our lives based on our own assumptions about ourselves, the images that we have about ourselves we believe we are that. But in reality your inner world is very different from what you think or assume it is. As long as you are not connected to your inner-self you will struggle in the outside world & your life would be a mess, mechanical, unstable & purposeless.

A spiritual person is at peace & balance in his inner world. He is confronting his inner truth, knows his or her weakness & learns to convert it into his or her strength, keeps working constantly to move towards a better balance, internally.

To attain Mukthi, you need to start confronting yourself, accepting & loving yourself. As you love yourself, you are at peace & become free of inner struggles; you discover space & freedom within. You start living life every moment in a state of constant awareness, which we call Mukthi..