Učenie 23.05.2019

The highest Spiritual State is the State of Service.

Nejvyšší duchovní stav je stav služby.

Sri Bhagavan

The great expressions in one’s life are the expressions of love & gratitude. We feel grateful to our parents, family, friends, teachers, Mother Earth & so on. The subtlest yet the greatest help comes only from the Divine, which we forget & ignore most times in our lives. As you progress spiritually, you start seeing the hand of God in your life at every important step his handprint is there. Without Him & His help we wouldn’t exist. As we keep seeing this during our spiritual evolution, we feel more & more grateful to the Divine.

How can we express this gratitude to the Lord?

It’s by serving others as you see Him everywhere & in everything around you. You start serving in gratitude & the side effects are Joy, love & happiness that you find in this activity. The body may experience tiredness but the heart & the spirit will be jumping in joy & Bliss. Enjoy these beautiful seva opportunities when they come your way & make way for them. That’s the Highest purpose & joys of human life. The rewards you receive here & further carried forward in the Higher Realms!