Učenie 17.05.2019

Když člověk přijme sám sebe, miluje sám sebe, ostatní přestanou být problém.

If only One accepts oneself, love Oneself,

the other ceases to be a problem.

- Sri Bhagavan

You are the problem. The problem is never with the other. That is, when there is a disturbance outside, know that you are also contributing to the disturbance. Like how u need both hands to clap, similarly you & the other are both reasons for the problem. As you work on yourself... & if u become free, the other can never bother or disturb u.

The Solution is look into your inner disturbance. Confront yourself... make peace with what’s disturbing you. Accept yourself as you are. That is, make peace with your anger, jealousy, hatred, frustration & so on... learn to love yourself through this process. The other is never in the picture again. When You become free, the spiritual process in the other

Begins. That’s the beauty & secret of Oneness. As you change/transform... its impact affects others & they go through transformation. This is how through individuals & families we can affect & transform the society & the world at large.

We bring in the Golden Age together....