Učenie 14.05.2019

You exist in a state of

alienation from all life.

- Sri Bhagavan

Life is all about witnessing & experiencing which is called living every moment. The mind which is constantly insecure as it’s only a `maya’ & does not really exist... a bubble constantly protecting itself from breaking... this mind tries to understand everything flowing through the sensory inputs & doesn’t allow us to experience reality without associating it with our past experiences. As long as this mind is in control you are in existence & alienated from everything else. It’s like whatever you touch turns into stone...

the mind thinks it’s alive & everything else around is dead, but in reality the mind makes u dead to everything while nature is full of life. You taste this only moments when the mind is absent & allows you those few moments to be in the present. This is our pitiable condition & the solution is constant awareness or in other words, "Awakening."