Učenie 08.05.2019

Accept your child as he or she is.

- Sri Bhagavan

Every New Born has a new destiny. It’s purpose should not be suppressed in order to fulfil the needs of you as it’s Parent. Your purpose is to help, enhance & inspire it to fulfil its capabilities. If you are dissatisfied with your own life, you tend to fulfil those desires or ambitions through your own child. This Act destroys their uniqueness, your constant comparison of them with other children, pushing them where it’s unnecessary may be damaging to your child. Treat the Child with respect. Give Space, Allow it to fulfil its purpose in life for which it has come down to this planet. Just remember you don’t own your child just because it came through you. You played your role but you are not its Master. Accept the uniqueness of your child. It’s a Blessed product of the whole Universe!!!