Učenie 21.04.2019

Interpretation of ‘What Is’ is Suffering. - Sri Amma

Experiencing Pain is a natural process. Suffering is unnatural. It’s created by the mind. It links up all the bad/unpleasant memories in your life & fills you with suffering. The mind processes through the brain every painful experience & keeps adding/linking the present painful memories to that. But in reality every moment life is changing. If bad is happening all the time then how are u surviving still. This indicates that good things have been happening around you too. U have been receiving help as well as pain is there too. But since the mind is inclined to the negative it ignores all the past memories & retains the heavily charged negative memories & says this is my life & it’s ruined. It’s not true. It’s a psychological game of the mind misinterpreting reality.... manipulating it & keeps you occupied in suffering destroying your happiness in life. When you liberated. Awakened.... past is dead. U live every moment. That’s called, living life to the fullest.