Učenie 30.03.2019

To realize a lofty goal one certainly has to sacrifice many petty things. - Sri Bhagavan

A Great Vision or Purpose in life can be achieved only through a lot of sacrifices. No Great All the great ones, when u talk to them would tell you all the beautiful things they left behind to achieve their goals. It is hard earned that’s why they value it so much. The nature of the Universe id to respond to such people who are intense in their lives, leaving behind happiness, family, time, energy, pain, difficulties, lack of support from others & so on. Still they don’t give up, such is their noble vision that u give up so much over so many years to get where they want to.. for themselves, for the society, nation or the world. So, if u want to climb a mountain, be ready to let go of a lot of things behind. Travel light, travel free, stay focused & mainly never give up till u get there as per your Vision in life.