Učenie 26.03.2019

All things keep changing with Time.

- Sri Bhagavan

Time changes everything... we think everything is fixed or absolute in this Universe, but things keep changing all the time, sometimes fast sometimes gradual... but change in inevitable. In this everchanging universe involved in an expanding & contracting process, how can we expect human beings & nature to be stable. Time changes everything, the weak become strong & the strong too become weak. Seed becomes tree & tree becomes many seeds. As time changes, a small egg stuck to a leaf turns into a butterfly. All things change. Time changes everything. Body, Emotions, Situations etc. all change. See this in yourself, around u & in others.

Learn to be flexible in your perceptions & be ready to drop those images when they are not useful in these changing times. Keep observing life & enjoy the variety in life, in people & in everything. Know & Be aware that everything & everyone is changing. You too!