Učenie 24.03.2019

Suffering is not caused by others but by yourself.

-Sri Amma

The nature of the mind is to push the blame on others for our suffering state. You are not hurt by others. You are hurt with your own expectations & the difference in reality. Only your old wounds are only being opened through people & situations; not fresh ones being created, as we assume. If you are hurt & angry, none be blamed because you are angry & hurt since you couldn’t face the situation. You lack the strength & your good images that you hold are being broken by life. As long as you don’t heal your past, suffering will increase multifold & will keep repeating time & again.

You are the reason for your suffering.

Why are you suffering, the reason behind it.

In the past what happened that is repeating in the now.

Work on this disturbance... make peace with your past. Love yourself & life as it flows. Stay happy & peaceful.