Učenie 17.03.2019

Suffering arises from the obsession to become.

- Sri Amma

The mind uses a lot of becoming to achieve things in the External world. The mistake it commits is, it tries the same for the inner world. What works best in the inner world is a passive approach & to start where you are & not where you want to be...

you have to watch the mind how it is obsessed & keeps pushing U to become somebody else other than what you are. You are made in a particular way by the Universe, how can you change that. You need to be integral with yourself. Love, Accept & enjoy the way you are. Resisting that is like going against the whole creation. When acceptance happens through Divine Grace, all becoming stops & you would become comfortable the way you are. You are at peace with yourself. You have changed/transformed then. This we call ‘change’ in Oneness. Not the mind’s way...

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