Učenie 12.03.2019

When you truly forgive a person, then transformation happens not only in you but also in the other.

- Sri Bhagavan

Forgiveness is not something ordinary or easy. What you call as forgiveness is a mechanical act of the mind. The Lord speaks of True forgiveness which is a happening. It happens when you experience a hurt or pain completely, learn the lesson life is teaching you, you get transformed that is, a shift in perception & breaking of a few concepts. When lesson is learnt, the person who gave you pain or hurt you & pushed you into suffering fades away. Residue in the form of anger, hatred, grudge & revenge wouldn’t be there towards that person. Once you land in forgiveness, transformation in you leads to a process of transformation in the other too. That is how relationships get healed, family bond increases, society unites & the country & the world progresses spiritually & at other levels.

Hurt-ego-revenge-leads to destruction

Hurt-experiencing pain-liberation-transformation is the natural path towards Oneness.