Učenie 11.03.2019

Heartfelt Blessings of Parents bring about Victory & Prosperity in the Individual.

- Sri Bhagavan

Your genes come from your parents. They are good & bad genes. Good ones like honesty, hard work, responsibility etc. Bad ones like diabetes, other hereditary health problems, eyesight issues, laziness, arrogance, pride etc.

When you receive their blessings, their good genes flowing in you get activated & drive you towards success & happiness... & negative genes get deactivated.

If they are unhappy with you, cursing you & if you are not a responsible child to them & society , the negative genes get further activated & you may fall further into bad company ruining your life.

Hence, Heartfelt Blessings are necessary for you to rise as a great happy successful smart loving human being. You would pass on their good qualities to your own children & the negative genes or qualities would become weaker as the further generations continue.

Parents after marriage, go for children... one of the main reasons being that their children would support them through rituals & offerings , helping the parents evolve further & move into higher realms. The children are supposed to make their ancestors & lineage proud & happy by being useful for the whole of Mankind earning a life full of Sat-Karma by doing good deeds.