Učenie 09.03.2019

Today’s Teaching:

You need constructive emotions to face a challenge. - Sri Bhagavan

We have 2 kinds of emotions,

one is positive or constructive while

the other is negative or destructive for us & others as well. These constructive emotions strengthen your resolve, drive you to move forward & achieve great things in life... for yourself & society, while the other weakens you, leading you to pain, sadness, worry & finally to depression, loss of hope etc.

Heart is the place of all good feelings, love & gratitude being Its core.

The Mind consists of both kinds of emotions. If you hold on to the constructive ones or are influenced by them, they help you face challenges successfully...

Hence, strengthen your positive emotions & at the same time become aware of the negative emotions flowing in the mind. Be active to achieve things externally & stay balanced by staying passive internally.