Učenie 08.03.2019

The best qualified parents are those who have discovered love for themselves. - Sri Bhagavan

When one doesn’t possess Love, how can he or she share it with others & most importantly their own children. What a normal parent shows towards his/her child also comes from attachment. Human Love has expectations, sense of ownership or is possessive by nature. Love from an Awakened/Transformed Heart is towards everyone & not limited to one’s own family or friends. It’s unlimited.

As a parent it’s essential to Discover Love in order to express that love to one’s children... & also to everyone else. When you possess that Pure, Divine Unconditional Love, that is when you are really ready to become a Good Parent to your child; or else you would only try to fulfill your dreams through your own children, thereby depriving them of their own goal or purpose in this life. They have come here for a purpose, to fulfill their own mission in this lifetime, to evolve towards Higher realms, but your human sense of love & manipulation would forcibly divert them from their destined path. A Great Parent is one who inspires their kids & stays as a guiding light filled with Love in their path, helping their kids fulfill their children’s mission in this life... the reason they have taken birth on this planet helping them in the process of Evolution.