Učenie 01.03.2019

Today’s Teaching:

Prayers are meant to seek Abundance, not to express Lack. - Sri Bhagavan

For the Divine to respond to our prayers in an effective way, We need to change our approach in our prayers. We usually pray pained by the loss or fear of losing or out of insecurity & past unpleasant experiences. There is a kind of lack in what we have & our prayers are rooted from this negative position. God, Divine or Universe... best responds better & faster if you seek abundance from being in the state that you are already filled with abundance. Our feelings communicate better than words, how you want to be not where you are now, poor, lost, insecure etc.

change the way you approach your intent, prayers, feelings, visualisations filled with abundance & the Divine would respond with "So be it." You will get it. The Universe understands this language & approach.