Učenie 23.02.2019

šri AmmaBhagavan:

"Vaše deti zrkadlia vzťah, ktorý máte so svojimi rodičmi."

Your children mirror the relationship you have with your parents. - Sri Bhagavan

The way you connect & relate with your children has a lot to do with what you have experienced from your parents & your childhood. The Love, fear, hurts & happiness you experienced with your parents plays in your mind when you deal with your children. The freedom or discipline, strict or lenience, love or hurt influences you & through you is experienced by your children. That is why in Oneness we say you beget your parents.That is, one can see how you related to your parents by observing your relationship with your children. As you work on your relationship with your parents, you find your children responding differently as `you’ have changed or transformed.

Love is the Universal healer & you need to get it from the Source to give it to others, after you yourself are filled by that Unconditional Love. Then you become the best parents & friends in the world to your children.