Učenie 21.02.2019

šri AmmaBhagavan:

"V úplnom prijatí je múdrosť ."

In Total Acceptance lies Wisdom.

- Sri Bhagavan

Acceptance is not a compromise. It’s not an adjustment, made by the mind. Acceptance is flowing with life... u take in the good & bad that comes your way. U embrace both in the same way.

When learning & evolution become priorities, loss of energy reduces... you are ready to face challenges with the attitude to learn & grow... not avoid & escape... as u discover that by postponing or sharing your pain to others, it’s not going to end... rather the issues would turn further into a bigger crisis.

When there is a problem... whether physical, mental, psychological, emotional or spiritual... solution is to face the truth, your mistake which lead to the issue... you no more ignore it. Face it, face yourself & bow down to life & allow it to engulf you & liberate you. Wisdom is in seeing that acceptance is the best solution leading to permanent results & learnings.