Učenie 20.02.2019

šri AmmaBhagavan :

"Keď prestane úsilie stať sa prebudeným, si prebudený."

When the effort to become awakened ceases, you are awakened. - Sri Bhagavan

Awakening is beyond the mind. But mind only is craving for awakening. How do u solve this?

For the process of awakening to start, you need the mind. The end process leads to liberation from the mind. To put effort, do Sadhanas, to apply teachings we need the mind... then through Divine Grace & all the efforts put towards getting awakened using the mind, would bear fruit & you become awakened, or u go beyond the mind or you get declutched/disconnected from the mind. They all mean the same thing.

Using the mind in the initial stages, we finally move beyond the mind which is prison... into freedom!!!