Učenie 19.02.2019

šri AmmaBhagavan :

Bolesť vytvára potešenie, potešenie vytvára bolesť.

Pain creates pleasure; pleasure creates pain. - Sri Bhagavan

Too much of pleasure leads to pain, this we all can understand. What we don’t realise is, when we have pain continuously, it becomes pleasure too. When you give pain to others, we get a kind of pleasure. When we keep experiencing pain, we move into to self pity which is again pleasure. When life pushes you down, you think I am good person & life is harsh with you. You laugh at your condition sarcastically. That too is pleasure. When you go on experiencing pain,you become immune to it,beyond a point. You get various sensations in the body which is a kind of pleasure. Always extreme emerges. All painful things, there is pleasure inbuilt in that too... witness your life carefully & see.

Only when you completely experience pain, joy emerges... which is totally different from what we are trying to convey here. Do not confuse both.