Učenie 14.02.2019

The best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

- Sri Bhagavan

If we look at our lives, we are almost all the time engaged in fulfilling others’ needs or fulfilling our needs through them... physical, mental & emotional needs.

what’s keeping us together is not our love or affection for one other, but our need to be with each other for survival... at every level. Whether it is parents, spouse, children, friend, siblings, office staff etc. it’s all only to fulfil needs but love is the missing essential element. That is why there are old age homes, divorces, separations, staying as room mates but in the same for the sake of insecurity or due to parent-children’s responsibilities & so on. There is no heart in relationships; only the mind & it’s needs everywhere. That’s why Lord is awakening us to Love, Joy & Happiness.... so that we learn to live, give & share. Love is the priority not needs. They change all the time but Love is eternal & is the Uniting force in relationships, in our lives!!!

Let’s learn to give naturally to others & receive what flows towards us in life... through others, God, nature & the Universe!!!